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23340RE: [Clip] Re: Clips self destruct

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  • Art Kocsis
    Oct 30 1:04 PM
      At 10/30/2012 10:37 AM, John wrote:
      >Thanks, Flo,
      >The clip editor is on tab one, as I stated. There is no command to open
      >it, ever.
      >But after NT closes all the other files, it proceeds to run on the clip
      >since it is the last open document. That is my problem statement ­ it
      >should not be able to jump automatically into the clip tab and treat it as
      >other open document, and it certainly should not run on it, since it, too,
      >is not the document it is looking for.

      Well, one obvious workaround is to copy your clip lib(s) to backups each time
      you enter your main clip but that is hardly practical given the 1.5 MB size of
      your library.

      However, how about temporarily write protecting the library upon main entry?
      That would be a single, gate keeper, point of protection that would not require
      a lot of work.

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