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23334RE: [Clip] Re: Clips self destruct

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  • John Shotsky
    Oct 30, 2012
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      I am not saying you should not be able to run a clip on itself. I'm saying it should not be possible for NT to
      AUTOMATICALLY open the clip tab and then run the library on it. The reason it opens it is because it is the only tab
      left, having closed each previous file (and tab) due to not finding a file it was looking for. (I'm not sure why it
      closes those files either � it should just give the error and then stop, since the user cancels.) The clip tab certainly
      is not the missing file either, so it should do the same thing it does for all the other documents. I would much rather
      see the clip tab closed than destroy my clip library.

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      > Obviously, (a clip) should never run on itself, and you can't force
      > to run on itself if you try, but it DOES run on the clip
      > library if it loses its place,...

      If it has been started from a clipbar, a clip could absolutely run on itself.

      I use that method in order to search & replace in a clip opened in the clip editor. Also, I've got a clip that writes a
      selection of most frequently used commands and functions into other clips or even into itself.


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