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23235New bug in search box

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  • Axel Berger
    Aug 31 10:06 PM
      The recent changes in the serch box seem to have created a new bug.

      I have just tried Search-->Search Disk-->Replace in files with no regex
      and confirm.
      The first document opened with the search term highlighted but the
      search box for confirmation had regex active (from my last use), an
      empty search field and I could not confirm anything.

      I still maintain the former use was the correct one. Search is search
      and clip and menu ought to be treated the same. If Don wants a standard
      invariant set of search terms and settings it is easy for him to save
      them once and restore whereever warranted through a single command.
      After all they are not only destroyed for him through clips but equally
      every time he uses the menu box for non-standard one off purposes, IMHO
      the most common use anyway. On the reverse side I now have to run a huge
      and still only partially functional (search term) workaround each and
      every time I use a clip find. Plus, as shown above, artificially
      splitting the find function into two separate ones creates all kinds of

      For me a clip function is an automated way of calling the same standard
      menu function and the two uses should stay exchangeable if only for the
      sake of trial versus use and one-off versus regular.

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