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23099Re: [Clip] Convert static endnotes to inline notes

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  • Dave
    Aug 5, 2012
      ever thought of trying the otl format with you markers down the left side
      [whatever] with an equivalent marker in text [whatever] ,double or single
      click and your where your maker is making sure no two are the same.

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      From: "querulus" <kwolter@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2012 4:18 AM
      Subject: [Clip] Convert static endnotes to inline notes

      > I've got a large number of text files coded for typesetting with inline
      > references for notes and the notes themselves gathered at the end of the
      > file. (Actually, the notes are currently in separate files, but for the
      > purposes of this exercise I'll import them at the end of the corresponding
      > text.) Each note reference is marked something like
      > <noteref>123</noteref>. Each corresponding note, which may be multiple
      > paragraphs, is similary coded -- say, <notetext>123. . . . </notetext>.
      > Subsequent paragraphs within the same note are coded the same way, but
      > they don't begin with a note number.
      > What I'd like to do is this: cut the note from the bottom of the file and
      > insert it inline following the note reference. Ultimately I don't need to
      > retain the note numbers themselves, either as references or at the
      > beginning of the notes, so if that makes the task easier, all the better.
      > My thought was this: search for each note reference in text. When I find
      > one, set a marker there? set the number as a variable? Then jump to the
      > corresponding note, select the entire note (again, because a note can be
      > multiple paragraphs I'd have to search to the beginning of the next
      > numbered paragraph). Cut the note paragraphs from their location
      > (retaining any internal paragraph breaks), jump back to the note
      > reference, and paste the note. Then jump to the next reference and repeat
      > the process. As I say, because I don't need to retain the numbers, if it
      > would help to strip out each note reference as I insert the corresponding
      > note, that would be fine.
      > Some other thoughts: The inline notes will eventually need some other
      > wrapper than <notetext>, but that's easy enough to do. It's fair to assume
      > that no note paragraph begins with any digit apart from a note number
      > itself (or our editors haven't done their jobs well). Because the notes
      > are currently in separate files, it would be nice to be able to retrieve
      > them directly from there, even if it meant having just two files open at
      > once (or it would be nice to automate appending the second file to the
      > first -- the names of the files will always match consistently like
      > AB01.TXT and AB01NTS.TXT). It might also be nice to have a test to confirm
      > that the number of references matches the number of numbered notes -- and
      > that both sequences are in numerical order with no gaps. But all of that
      > is secondary to the task of pulling the notes inline at the point of the
      > reference.
      > I think I know the outlines of a general procedure, but even after reading
      > through all the NT Clip help and reviewing the group postings back to
      > 2009, I'm not sure exactly how to start. And I'm not even sure it's
      > doable. So thanks in advance for any help you can provide in steering me
      > in the right direction.
      > Klaas
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