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23081RE: [Clip] Re: Find dialog problems

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  • John Shotsky
    Aug 3, 2012
      I removed my own library from the Libraries folder, with NoteTab closed, and then started NoteTab and began looking at
      all the shipping libraries. The find dialog has no dropdown for any of those libraries, as long as the clip editor is
      the active document. Every one of them is set to UTF-8. If I then start a new document, even with the find dialog still
      displayed, the dropdown arrow shows immediately, and the history is present.

      When I look at those (stock) libraries with EditPad Pro, it says they are all code page 1252, which I believe to be
      true. It also says my own library is CP 1252. I may reinstall to see if that corrects the issue.

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      > Hi John,
      > What's the code page for your Clip window?

      I can't confirm that this issue is connected with the Clip Editor.

      I've tested it with the files in the '\Samples' folder. No matter, if the Clip Editor is active or not -- in the Find
      and in the Replace dialog, the History vanishes every time I open a file that is not set to 'System Codepage (1252)' or
      'Western European'.

      With cp_Polish.TXT (Codepage 'Central European'), for example, the History is lost again.

      Also, in my view, it's no NT 7.0 issue. I saw a vanishing History also in NT 6.2 (maybe even previous).


      OS: Win XP SP3

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