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23079Re: [Clip] Re: Find dialog problems

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  • Axel Berger
    Aug 3, 2012
      Eric Fookes wrote:
      > the Clip editor is because it is marked to save extended
      > ANSI characters in UTF-8 format (e.g. diacritic characters).

      How can I see that setting? I know there are some UTF-8 in my clipbook
      in e.g.

      ^!Replace "¡ã" >> "°" WASTI

      (it corrects text pasted from journals' PDFs) but I never had John's
      problem, in my find. The status line only tells me "Format.

      In testing for this I just noticed again:
      Document --> Font --> Change Font --> Script
      does not really drop down but shows a selection with only two lines. Not
      nice at all having to step through that until you find the desired one.

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