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23060Find dialog problems

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  • John Shotsky
    Aug 2, 2012
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      Since updating to version 7, I have repeatedly found the find dialog with no history. I can't force it to happen, but I
      use it a lot and sometimes, there is no dropdown, just some characters in the current window. When I close NoteTab, and
      look at the .ini file in another editor, I see that the history is present. Apparently, there is some kind of UI bug
      that prevents showing it, or it is going off and using another .ini file somewhere that has no history. I keep the .ini
      file in the same folder as NoteTab, which is C:\Programs\NoteTAb Pro. Windows 7-64. Hopefully, this can be found and
      fixed before the next version. Has anyone else experienced this?

      Note that I have a clip command to display the ini in use. It is always correct, when I check it.

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