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22912Re: StrPosRight bug in NTP 7.0?

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  • flo.gehrke
    Jul 6 5:01 AM
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "anachromat" <tim.peters@...> wrote:
      > Downloaded NTP 7.0 today, and some old clips went crazy. Tracked it down to this:
      > H=bug
      > ^!Info ^$StrPosRight("X";"abcXdefXghi";False)$
      > That displays 4 when I run it (the index of the leftmost X). I expected it to display 8 (the index of the rightmost X). In other words, StrPosRight is acting the same as StrPos now.

      Same bug in #^$StrPosMid$.


      ^!Info ^$StrPosMid("X";"abcXdef";1;True)$
      ^!Info ^$StrPosMid("X";"abcXdef";2;True)$

      Different start positions are returning the same value. As Tim wrote, it behaves as ^$StrPos$ too.


      NT 7.0 Pro Final Release
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