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22819Re: [Clip] What is it you like most about NoteTab?

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  • Robert Bull
    Jun 18 1:40 PM
      On Sunday, June 17, 2012, 11:02:28 PM, Ray Shapp wrote:

      RS> <3. Which NoteTab feature(s) do you use the most?

      RS> Outlines. I'm surprised other respondents didn't mention outlines
      RS> more frequently. Maybe outline use is implied in "note taking".
      RS> Multi-level outlining would interest me in some future version of
      RS> NTP.

      I would be interested in a single-pane outliner, like PC-Outline was
      for DOS and Noteliner is for Windows, that works with plain text, and
      not just code; although I don't see how it could be made to work with
      true plain text...

      If by multi-level is meant a tree-type two-pane outliner, then I
      personally think that's probably a job for a different application.
      There are plenty of two-pane outliners available already, many of them
      free. E.g. MemPad, AllMyNotes free version, RightNote free version,


      Robert Bull
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