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22814Re: [Clip] What is it you like most about NoteTab?

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  • Ian NTnerd
    Jun 17, 2012
      On 17/06/2012 3:32 AM, Eric Fookes wrote:
      > 1. What do you mostly use NoteTab for?
      > (HTML editing, copywriting, note taking, poetry, data processing, ...)
      A great variety of scripting projects (100 I counted) many using GUIs.
      Reformatting HTML data for database importable xml.
      Adding default account postings to bank .qif files.
      Lots of simple scripting projects.
      Making a newsletter from a template with default date.
      Building my own GUI to various command line tools like xcopy, xpdf, wget
      Downloading/backingup json exports from my Trello boards and
      reformatting as readable xml for off line use.
      > 2. What is it you like most about NoteTab?
      The clips on the left are so easy to use. The libraries provide lots of
      options for various projects.
      > 3. Which NoteTab feature(s) do you use the most?
      > 4. Which NoteTab feature would you miss the most if you had to use
      > another editor?
      The easy to access clip usage and editing.
      > 5. Which feature do you miss the most in NoteTab that competing editors
      > offer?
      Good syntax highlighting!!!!!! Multi coloured for many different script
      languages. This is the main reason I use other editors. The HTML and XML
      colouring in NT is a poor relation of many free editors.
      Finding the matching closing/opening tag.
      Ctrl+space tag list for language.
      > 6. What is the top benefit you get from using NoteTab?
      I can have lots of clips to do repetitive tasks. They stay available and

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