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22803RE: [Clip] What is it you like most about NoteTab?

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  • John Shotsky
    Jun 17, 2012
      There aren't defaults, it is simply that it changes without me changing it. If I have it set to ignore case and use
      regex, I want it to stay that way until I change it. If I had a certain search going, I want to be able to use F3 and
      repeat that search, regardless of whether I have run some clips between them. When I open the search box, I expect to
      see the settings as I left them, the search terms that I entered in the history, and the last one I used set as the
      current search. As it is, when I open the search dialog, it grabs something random and adds it to the search window. I
      simply want it to stop changing ANYTHING in that dialog unless I change it. Dialogs are meant for manual input and
      having it change is frustrating. I probably run 50 searches per day, so I see this issue about that many time.

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      So what are the defaults and can you give an example please John?

      In the end a clip command, reset to defaults might be nice ... or maybe
      not needed once I figure out what the defaults are and write a clip with

      There are lots of little things we do periodically that are like this
      ... zero padding is one off the top of my head, recording if wordwrap is
      on/off and restoring it, etc.

      On 6/17/2012 5:40 AM, Sezor wrote:
      > John Shotsky wrote:
      >> [While you didn't ask which feature that we find most annoying, I will mention it anyway. I HATE that the
      >> and search dialogs are changed by running clips. I have to reset the regex/case checkboxes, etc. every time I
      >> use it. If there was an option to make it stay the way it last was set manually, I would use that option permanently.
      >> The fact that it changes based on scripts also means wanted search terms are scrolled off the bottom of the list
      >> prematurely.]
      > I just have each clip reset them to my defaults.

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