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22796RE: [Clip] What is it you like most about NoteTab?

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  • John Shotsky
    Jun 16, 2012
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      Not really true, but when I am searching for something, I search for it many times, then may never search for it again.
      I just want an option to not change the find text willy nilly. I dislike that it automatically highlights something that
      isn't highlighted every time too. I know enough to highlight something FIRST if that's what I want to find, but if I
      don't have anything highlighted, it probably means I'm not searching for the next word that is after the cursor. In
      fact, as far as software goes, those features that make assumptions seldom save time, and they always need to be negated
      if that's not what is wanted. Extra work, almost always. I can virtually never use F3 because almost always the find
      criteria has changed on me. Just saying, if it were an option, I would want it off.

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      Jeffery Scism wrote:
      > Just write it as clip with the options you want prechecked preceeded
      > by a "_" in the wizard.

      As John frequently seems to look for the same things that may indeed be
      the best solution.
      > also means wanted search terms are scrolled off the bottom of
      > the list prematurely.

      For the rest I want the opposite. Sometimes the results of clips need to
      be checked manually. So my clips often end with a ^!Find as the last
      command. I then want to be able to <F3> through the document. It seems
      that all options are set by that ^!Find except for the Regex one. That's
      inconsistent. Let's have all or none, but not some.


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