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22773NoteTab 7.0 final available

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  • Eric Fookes
    Jun 5, 2012
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      Hi everyone,

      Although the new website and store still isn't ready, you can now
      download the final release of NoteTab 7. Here are the links:

      NoteTab Light 7 (freeware)

      NoteTab 7 (30-day trial version; includes Pro and Std)

      The Bootstrap library has been updated to the recently released 2.04.
      The Utilities library and Clipbar have been updated to include handy
      shortcuts to word definitions, synonyms, quotes, etc. (the selected word
      is sent in a URL to a corresponding website that then returns info about

      There are three new keyboard shortcuts to easily insert typographic
      characters into a document:
      Ctrl+. inserts the ellipsis character …
      Ctrl+- inserts the n-dash character –
      Ctrl+, inserts “smart quotes” around selected text or a proper
      apostrophe ’

      Several minor bugs have been fixed too.

      Note also that the trial periods are reset, so you get a full 30-days
      again when you install NoteTab Pro Trial.

      If you discover any new bugs (specific to v7), please inform me ASAP.
      Depending on how critical they are, they will either be fixed in a
      slipstream update or in a future minor maintenance release (v7.01).



      Eric Fookes
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