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22770Re: [Clip] strange bug

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  • Axel Berger
    Jun 2, 2012
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      Art Kocsis wrote:
      > What do you mean "still skips"? Does the ^!IfFalse test execute?

      I thought it did, saw "TRUE" (i.e. false=yes") and executed the SKIP. I
      was wrong.

      > What do you see with ^!SetDebug On?

      Now why didn't I think of that myself? The ^!IfFalse did NOT skip, it
      executed the next directive which is a ^!FarClip. And in that other
      library I had made a slight change to the name of the clip involved ...

      Thanks for clearing that up. The last time my problem happened I did not
      have any other side effects either. Just a total crash on "button

      > Perhaps it is another app that is misbehaving.

      Quite probably because then and now I can't think of anything I did to

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