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22688Re: [Clip] Can NoteTab handle input\output for GAWK in only one way?

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  • Robert Bull
    May 6, 2012
      On Sunday, May 6, 2012, 9:15:28 PM, joy8388608 wrote:

      j> I became interested in GAWK code by seeing a recent solution using

      Further to my earlier post, the page of the Help file I quoted is
      titled "Apply Perl and Gawk Scripts on Text." If you search for
      "scripts" in Help, it's the first one in the postings list. Further
      quote from it:

      "Scripts need not be stored in Clip libraries; each script may be
      stored in its own file. Clips which process scripts stored in the Clip
      library are not Clipbar-safe."

      "You will find several examples in the "Samples.clb" library that
      accompanies the NoteTab package."

      I frequently have trouble finding things in the Help file, or more
      accurately, know I've seen something once before, and have trouble
      finding it again.


      Robert Bull
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