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22553Re: [Clip] Version 7 FIND problems

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  • Don
    Apr 5, 2012
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      I usually always click in a blank part of the regex find so it jumps to
      the top and I go top down. I'm just used to it and I guess my stuff
      isn't "that" big like John's is apparently. It works well for me and I
      use it hourly.

      The history can get long as Art suggests and cluttered.

      What would be really cool Eric is to add a recorder feature for "clip
      building". Do a search and replace, it is what you want, click on
      commit and it saves it as a clip step. You could thus do a series of
      steps and have them all saved as a clip for future use. I do this
      manually all of the time. I get thirty similar documents. I do a
      search and replace, it's successful, so I then copy both halves of it to
      a clip replace and save the clip. Repeat over and over and over until I
      have the clip. Still efficient in the end, but could get way more

      Is it possible to simply write a clip to do this?

      On 4/5/2012 1:49 AM, Art Kocsis wrote:
      > Ii never noticed the search direction option change with RegX either but
      > that is just the way RegX doesn't work.
      > In NTB7#2 I do not have your problems with double clicking words (WinXP).
      > I suppose having a wild card search option may be useful but my first
      > reaction is the new GUI will be a PIA. It requires two clicks instead of
      > just one and the RegX option is hidden until one clicks on the select box.
      > I would much prefer having two always visible check boxes in a slightly
      > larger window than being forced to double the click load. I would even
      > rather have the previous GUI and forego a wild card option.
      > What would be really useful however, would be a way to easily delete a Find
      > or Replace history entry. Often I have made a typo or have multiple entries
      > in debugging a RegX pattern and the history gets long and cluttered. A
      > simple right click and delete on a highlighted entry would be a big
      > improvement. Another possible method would be to press the delete key on a
      > highlighted entry. This is the method used by Firefox to delete form
      > history entries. Or for max convenience, implement both methods.
      > Namaste', Art
      > At 4/4/2012 06:03 PM, Joy wrote:
      >> How about that. I never noticed you could search UP unless Reg Exp was
      >> checked!
      >> Those problems that some people have and others don't are a bear.
      >> I am STILL seeing the problem that a tab in my browser opens when I double
      >> click the last or second to last word in a sentence ending with a period.
      >> Can anyone reproduce THAT?
      >> And double clicking in the middle of a word still selects the word from
      >> the click point to the beginning of the word which is how I found the
      >> problem above.
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