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22547Re: [Clip] Re: Pre-release #2 of NoteTab 7.0 available

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  • Eric Fookes
    Apr 4, 2012
      Hi Dio,

      > Wow. I'm elated by the introduction of regex support in
      > ^$StrReplace()$. Thank you, Eric, for granting my primary wish!

      You're welcome :)

      > I notice that absence of option A doesn't seem to prevent swapping of
      > all matches. For example, if the task were to replace only the first
      > occurence of repeated characters:
      > ^!Set %x%=foo bar baa ^!Set %x%=^$StrReplace("(.)\1";"$1";"^%x%";R)$
      > ^!Prompt ^%x%
      > My output* is "fo bar ba" instead of anticipated "fo bar baa." Plain
      > literal replacements don't heed the absence of A for me either.

      This issue is now fixed in update #3.


      Eric Fookes
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