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22541Re: [Clip] Version 7 FIND problems

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  • joy8388608
    Apr 4, 2012
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      Yes, I do have regex selected.
      Even though it doesn't matter, you didn't say if it worked for you the way I had it. Putting additional spaces in didn't fix anything for me.

      That IS odd there is a find UP for REPLACE but not for FIND.

      If it helps you, placing a backwards searching hyperlink at the end of your text will do a FIND up.

      For example, placing [ mov^B ] at the end of the doc and double clicking it will find the last 'mov' in the doc.

      I just tried it and it works, but highlights just the 'ov' which is probably another bug. And SOMETIMES, all the text from the end up to the string is highlighted and sometimes ONLY the search string is highlighted. But THAT was also happening in Ver 6.


      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "John Shotsky" <jshotsky@...> wrote:
      > I put 4 spaces in front of your lines, and it all worked properly for me. Did you have regex selected?
      > Also, I keep hoping for a find 'up' in addition to down and all. If you happen to go past the thing you're looking for,
      > in a 200 kb file, you have to either start over, or select 'all' and hope it restarts at the top, which it does not
      > always do in the released version. We need to be able to search up, often we just want to see if the same thing exists
      > are an earlier point in the file without having to start at the beginning, every time.
      > Regards,
      > John
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      > Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 10:07
      > To: ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [Clip] Version 7 FIND problems
      > I left some posts in the BASIC group documenting some problems with Ver 7 but have not had any replies so I hope they
      > have been noted.
      > I just found a problem with FIND in ver 7 pre-release 2 that I hope someone will verify. If I don't start getting some
      > answers or verification of problems I find, I will have to go back to Ver 6 and let someone else do the testing.
      > I want to match all the spaces at the start of each line. When I do a FIND on the following data for ^\x20+, it matches
      > from the second space up to and including the 'a'. Find Next matches from the third space up to and including the 'a'.
      > After a few more tries, it matches just the 'a'. The next find matches the '1' of '100'.
      > a 100
      > mov ax,0040
      > mov ds,ax
      > or byte ptr [0017],40
      > mov ah,1
      > int 16
      > mov ax,4c00
      > int 21
      > Please tell me it's not something stupid I'm doing.
      > Joy
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