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22509Do not "open" a file

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    Mar 1 7:46 AM
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      This is a fanny situation.

      I used NTP 5.4/fv, for several years.

      One of my clips, use this code (for years, ok):

      ^!Open e:\new\index.html

      and he opened.

      Suddenly, I receive a message like that: "Cannot open... used by other processor", concerning the same e:\new\index.html.

      Naturally, I tried all things: the e: disk have 6 Gb free to be used, this fle index.html really exist, and I cleared all attributes of this file (with a FT command), abnd this directoru \new\ is shared. Also, "visually" I dio not have any other processors using this same file.

      And more fanny, if I use the NTP menu MANUALLY I opened this file, but not using the ^!Open e:\new\index.html code inside a clip.

      Additionally, I changed this clip/datas to other disk directory (m:\new\index.html) and have the same negative result.

      There exist any possibility that this is a NTP error, or an error in his cinfiguration, etc.

      But manually using the menu this file open, but why not using a Open in a clip?

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