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22431Re: [Clip] Clip Stopped Working | File not found

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  • Art Kocsis
    Jan 15, 2012

      Sometimes it helps to take an error message literally. Since the message

      >"File:C:\Program Files (x86)\NoteTab Pro\NTP_paste.txt" not found"

      says the file was not found, it probably wasn't written there in the first
      I think the problem is access rights under Win 7. Execute this clip and then
      use your file manager to verify if the file exists in that folder.

      ^!SaveFavorites Test_Fav_Write
      ^!Continue NTB Favorites path is "^$GetFavoritePath$"

      I suspect that it is not being created in the \Program Files folder. Assuming
      it is not found there, look in your roaming folder or do a global search
      for this
      file to find its location then change the delete command to the new path.

      Although the clip may appear to work OK now, I expect that ^!SaveFavorites
      actually performs a merge rather than a file write. This means that subsequent
      executions of your clip would load all of your previously "favorited"
      That could get messy.

      What was the previous OS in which the clip ran OK? In Win 7, the "\Program
      is a restricted folder and you don't have write access. Win XP does not
      have this
      restriction. Vista introduced a mechanism for virtualizing restricted
      access to fool
      the application into thinking it is writing to the restricted folder but it
      is actually
      being written elsewhere. This probably works fine for the built-in
      and ^!OpenFavorites commands but the ^!DeleteFile command explicitly references
      the \Program File folder and does not trigger the virtualization.
      [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_virtualization%5d


      I am curious - where in the help file is ^## documented? I can't find it
      It is obviously much shorter than ^$GetDocName$^ but is also much more obtuse.
      ^!Set %pb_closereload%=^##


      At 1/14/2012 10:06 PM, Jim wrote:
      >The Clip no longer functions as intended and gives this error message:
      >"File:C:\Program Files (x86)\NoteTab Pro\NTP_paste.txt" not found"
      >I'm wondering if the problem could be that in the 64 bit Windows 7 on my
      >new computer, NTP settings are kept in a "Roaming" folder:
      >"c:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.ini"
      >; This was originally the first line:H="pb_CLOSERELOAD"
      >; • Modified-Updated~Created_20070328
      >; • hrs ø hsavage·obsfucatepobox·com_07:16:56p
      >^!SetScreenUpdate 0
      >^!Jump LINE_START
      >^!Set %pb_closereload%=^##
      >^!Set %cursor%=^$GetRow$:^$GetCol$
      >^!Set %view%=^$Calc(^$GetRow$-10)$:^$GetCol$
      >^!Close "^$GetAppPath$^$GetEditorType$_paste.txt" SAVE
      >^!SaveFavorites pb_closereload
      >^!Close ALL,SAVE
      >; may have to change folder for the sound source
      >^!Sound C:\Misc Tools\Sounds\system.wav
      >^!Open ^$GetAppPath$^$GetEditorType$_paste.txt
      >^!KeyBoard Shift+Ctrl+P
      >^!Sound ^$GetSoundPath$PasteBoard On
      >^!Jump ^$GetLineCount$
      >^!OpenFavorites pb_closereload
      >^!SetDocIndex ^$GetDocIndex(^%pb_closereload%)$
      >^!SetView ^%view%
      >^!SetCursor ^%cursor%
      >^!DeleteFile ^$GetFavoritePath$pb_closereload.fvr
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