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22415Re: [Clip] Trouble with UTF

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 11, 2012
      loro wrote:
      > You can turn it off in Options, the General tab
      > Protect Unicode Files:

      Thanks Loro, I had of course looked there but overlooked that (to me)
      cryptic option. But what about

      > As a result, the conversion process may drop non-ANSI and
      > cause the loss of information.

      I want no conversion and opening files as-is, as the "UTF-8 (no
      conversion)" setting in the open dialog would do, and do all conversions
      myself. At the very least I do not want to simply lose something.


      P.S: I still want a warning message. Sometimes I have set files on disk
      to read-only myself and don't think about it, and i hate it, when
      editing just refuses to work. Other programs allow full editing and only
      remap "save" to "save as" in these cases. A much better solution IMHO.

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