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22291Re: Finding gaps in a sequence

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  • ebbtidalflats
    Dec 2, 2011
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      Hi Art,

      I suspect that none of the people offering solutions are privy to the format of the data file. So verifying input must be left to Flo.

      For example, the ^$GetDocMathcAll statement must include the field delimiter to avoid also matching the first three characters of longer words, which might not be index codes at all.



      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Art Kocsis <artkns@...> wrote:
      > ...
      > I have noted that none of the suggested solutions have done any input data
      > verification but all assume that each line truly begins with a three (lower
      > case) alpha character. Your use of ^$GetDocMatchAll("^[a-z]{3}")$ to
      > extract the sequence codes would seem to offer a simple, one-line way to
      > verify that assumption: just compare the size of the ^%codes% array to the
      > line count of the source document.
      > ^!If ^$GetParaCount$ <> %codes0% ^!Continue Input data error - missing
      > sequence code(s)
      > Namaste', Art
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