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22270Variable bug you should know about

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  • John Shotsky
    Nov 28, 2011
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      I use user options to let my users choose how their documents are formatted. These options are from wizards, with
      checkboxes, etc. They just choose the ones they want, and when my clips get to the end, their options are processed.

      A user asked for a new option yesterday, which is a variation of an existing option. For simplicity's sake, the existing
      option was 'AutoPageNumber', which copied page numbers upward to previous sections, all assuming multiple sections on
      each page. In this case, they are recipes, and they want the page number of the recipe to show up in each recipe. So, if
      there are three recipes on one page, only the last one would have a page number, since most page numbers are at the
      bottom of the page. But not all � some books put the page number at the top, and thus they need to be copied DOWN to
      successive recipes.

      So, I added a new variable 'AutoPageNumberDown'. I left the original variable as is. No matter how I tried, I could not
      prevent BOTH variables from being selected if the new one was chosen. So, I renamed the first one 'AutoPageNumberUp',
      and that fixed it. So, it seems that NoteTab will accept a partial variable name if it matches a longer variable name.

      Not looking for a fix, as I fixed it, but thought folks should be aware of the potential for error if variable names are
      supersets of other variable names.

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