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22175Is GetDocListAll case sensitive?

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  • Jean-François Colas
    Oct 21, 2011
      Hi all,

      First, a great thank for all the valuable infos about the Find dialog
      box. For today, I have a problem with GetDocListAll, which seems not to
      take account of case sensitivity...

      I'm processing files whose lines are like below:
      1 avantveille
      1 monstreuse
      1 Colorado
      1 spectable
      1 pas'de
      1 precipiter
      2 7e
      2 Gregorio
      2 new-yorkaise
      2 Maroc
      2 leures
      2 cho
      50 Manfred
      52 John

      (these are misspelled words against french vocabulary).

      What I try to do is extract all lines where the "word" starts with a
      lowercase character, in order to put all those lines at the top of the
      file. I did the same with strings containing an hyphen and that works
      fine. But here I cannot distinguish between lowercase and other strings.

      Here is what I tried:

      ; filtrage des lignes d'un .ord commençant par une minuscule
      ; Le script les collecte et le place au début du fichier.
      ^!set %Minuscules%=^$GetDocListAll("(^ +\d+ +[[:lower:]].+$)";"$1\r\n")$
      ^!Replace "(^ +\d+ +[[:lower:]].+\R)" >> "" wtras
      ^!jump 1

      GetDocListAll seems to return actually every line starting with a
      letter, lowercase or uppercase, unless a make a mistake. On the
      contrary, the ^!Replace command does what I expected.
      I'm with NoteTab light 6.2.

      If it would impossible to achive that with GetDocListAll, would another
      way exist?

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