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22058Memory Lane

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  • Sezor
    Sep 5, 2011
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      Someone mentioned odd changes to clips recently.
      Well, an odd thing happened on 4.95 this morning.
      A clip run automatically every day reverted to a version 2
      years old.
      (All it does is open a set of files.)
      Yesterday it was fine, today it wasn't.
      As it happens I installed Ntb Light yesterday.
      It turns out that :
      - it was one clip only in a library of 60 or more, the
      others being untouched.
      - the old version of the clip is identical to one in an old,
      no longer used, instance of Ntb Std in a win98 partition on
      the disk. Which I haven't even looked at for 2 years.
      I know Eric's a good programmer but I doubt it was the Ntb
      Light installation routine that did the copying ..
      So, it's a complete mystery.
      Unless it's a punishment for not uninstalling the old
      version of NoteTab before installing the new ..
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