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22021Re: [Clip] Merging two files

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  • loro
    Aug 27, 2011
      John Shotsky wrote:
      >I'm looking for a standard way to add the contents of a file (file2)
      >to the ends of the matching lines of another file.
      >Both files have the same number of lines, and I can begin each line
      >with a number, such as 1., 2., if needed. Or they
      >can both start with a unique text name. There will never be
      >duplicate lines within either file.

      I'd use the Modify Block tools. You just need to see to that the
      lines in the document you want to paste the content of the other one
      into have the same length. Fill them with blanks when needed and add
      extra spaces for margin if you want two separated columns as the
      result of the operation. If you don't want two straight columns, but
      rather want the new line to continue where the first ends, it's easy
      to remove the extraneous spaces afterwards, by Find % Replace or clip.

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