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21966Re: [Clip] Manage Forwarding Lists

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  • Eb
    Jul 20, 2011
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      Hi Ray,

      I took a closer look at your code. There are several syntax problems.

      1. You _must_ use the "end" label in a subroutine clip (cvs)
      rather than "exit", if you want to return to the caller.
      Using the EXIT label ends execution right then
      and does NOT return to the caller.
      In other words:
      ^!Goto END

      2. Syntax error and redundant:
      a) ^!Setfocus ^%WorkingFile%.csv
      does nothing
      b) ^!SetFocus DOCUMENT
      would change focus to the document window,
      if it weren't already there from the ^!Open command
      The command, if correct, would be redundant.

      3. Confusing code in the destroy subroutine
      a. ^!Close "^&"
      closes the document in NoteTab, leaves disk file intact
      if you also want to delete the disk file, you could
      now use
      ^!DeleteFile filename
      or use the next command by itself
      b. ^!DestroyDoc "^&"
      closes open doc and sends the file to the recycle bin

      c. If the file is NOT open in NoteTab, use
      ^!DeleteFile filename

      4. Finally, your main cvs code does not make sense
      a. why bother to do any replacements in the old file,
      when you delete it in the next line?
      b. why save the new file before opening it?

      I suggest you start from scratch, by outlining the steps you would like to take, and then converting the individual steps to code.


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