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21872Re: [Clip] Re: add commas in address string

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  • Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV
    Jul 3, 2011
      Your thorough explanation has caused me to look at this more carefully.
      I will give your method a try and see what I end up with.
      I am sure I will have more questions.

      Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

      On 7/2/2011 9:40 PM, Art Kocsis wrote:
      > At 07/01/2011 06:06, Mike Breiding wrote:
      > > Postal code: I need to replace the space in front of the first number
      > with a comma
      > > State abbreviation: I need to replace the space in front of the first
      > letter with a comma
      > > City : I need to replace the space in front of the first letter with
      > a comma
      > At 07/01/2011 11:21, Mike Breiding wrote:
      > >I would still like to get this right as I have another list of addresses
      > >See: http://epicroadtrips.com/parks_list/
      > >It was extracted from PDF and is a bit of a mess.
      > Mike,
      > Whenever I have a one-off project such as this that does not lend itself to
      > a simple clip I find it is much more efficient to just manually convert the
      > file to a fixed field format by making use of NTB's block edit functions.
      > Your parks_list file would only take about 5-10 minutes to convert. (In
      > fact, writing this response took much longer than it would have taken to
      > convert the entire file!<g>)
      > In essence:
      > - First I convert (via simple clips), all tabs to spaces and
      > all \R to \r\n (RegEx replace statement)
      > - Next, starting from the left, I insert (via S&R), a large number
      > of spaces in front of each desired field
      > - Next, I find the longest entry in the left most field and set the cursor
      > a few spaces beyond that col position on the last row and SHFT-Click
      > at the beginning of the first row.
      > -Then right click and select "Cut Block" then "Left Align", move the cursor
      > to the start of line 1 and right click "Paste Block". (The Left Align
      > is a little trick to quickly align the next field for the entire file
      > as it is already selected.)
      > - Repeat for the next left-most variable length field.
      > After all fields have been converted, it is now simple to insert any field
      > separator desired, re-arrange, extract or delete fields, etc. In your case,
      > change all "| " to ", " and delete all multiple spaces.
      > For small numbers of lines, instead of the block cut & paste, I set the
      > cursor just beyond the longest entry but on the first line and use a simple
      > clip to do multiple CNTL-DEL, DOWN-ARROWs (about 5 or 10 per invocation).
      > ^!Keyboard CTRL+DELETE
      > ^!Keyboard Down
      > ^!Keyboard CTRL+DELETE
      > ^!Keyboard Down
      > ^!Keyboard CTRL+DELETE
      > ^!Keyboard Down
      > etc
      > I put all three clips (tabs, new lines, Del&Down) on my toolbar for one
      > click operation and include the right click functions in my Shortcut Menu
      > (View | Options | Shortcut Menu)
      > An example in gory detail follows:
      > (Alternately, Since there are a lot of long lines, download the example
      > file from:
      > http://www.box.net/shared/998tzn0qhdi23hbvgtku)

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