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21868Re: [Clip] Re: add commas in address string

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  • Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV
    Jul 2, 2011
      On 7/1/2011 10:40 PM, Don wrote:
      >> I would still like to get this right as I have another list of addresses
      >> I need to convert to .CSV
      >> See: http://epicroadtrips.com/parks_list/
      >> It was extracted from PDF and is a bit of a mess.
      >> Thanks to all.
      >> -Mike
      > Use a pdf extractor -- great program -- can preserve spacing when
      > extracting.

      Hi Don,
      I used Acro 9.0 to export to text and that is what I got.
      Not sure if Acro 9 is sloppy or the original had "flaws".
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