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21841Re: [Clip] Remove all lines not containing something

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  • Don
    Jun 28, 2011
      On 6/28/2011 2:38 PM, diodeom wrote:
      > ^!Select All
      > ^!SetListDelimiter ^p
      > ^$GetDocMatchAll("^.*\.(org|net).*$")$

      You are brilliant and I thank you! I can't say how many time people on
      this list, you included as often as anyone, except perhaps the dear
      departed Jody and Sheri, have point out the obvious way of doing
      something I sit there head scratching over.

      ^!Set %DataTested%=^?{RegEx Term to Search For, Pipe Separated "or"}
      ^!Select All
      ^!SetListDelimiter ^p
      ^!Set %DataOutput%="^$GetDocMatchAll("^.*(^%DataTested%).*$")$"
      ^!InsertText ^%DataOutput%

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