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21793Re: Selective Editing

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  • diodeom
    May 19, 2011
      Flo wrote:
      > Occasionally, I want to do a kind of 'Selective Editing'. That is, not to edit a whole document but selected lines only.
      > (...)
      > Pease porridge hot,
      > Pease porridge cold,
      > Pease porridge in the pot,
      > Nine days old.
      > (...)
      > ^!Keyboard CTRL+A ALT+M L N #1# ENTER
      > ^!Replace "^\x20+" >> "0" AWRS

      Maybe instead of numbering all lines -- unless that's useful for something else -- if just the beginnings of copied lines were flagged in the original doc with some unique marker, the final loop (which pastes edited lines) could rely just on the top-to-bottom sequence of rapid finds (e.g. "^\*.+") precisely matching the order of array elements (lines) to be inserted.

      I actually like the idea of "perpetual stew" (e.g. bigos); I just somehow cannot manage to make it bad enough -- and enough of it -- to last to its target maturity. :)
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