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21769RE: [Clip] Re: Clip Error Question

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  • John Shotsky
    May 9, 2011
      I tried copying to a completely new document with a different name, and got the same problem. I removed the T with no

      The pattern is irrevalent. It doesn't matter what is in the text file, even just a few words is sufficient to cause the
      problem. I just tried it with a blank doc and got the same error. But, the pattern is LLLLNNL, case insensitive, which
      is a Prodigy ID.

      My clip library is over 900K, which may play into it. It will be reduced by about 1/3 as I finish rewriting it. The
      funny part is that if I copy just the active lines to a new clip, it doesn't happen. And, if I either remove the caret,
      or enclose the first range in parens, the problem is gone.

      I don't have another version installed, and don't want to upset my install by installing another version. I'm on Win7-64
      bit. 8G memory, Quad core.



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      > My question wasn't really so much about how to fix this problem, but to tell me if I was doing something wrong. I
      > think I am or I wouldn't have written.

      I can't say if the pattern is wrong since I don't know what you mean it to match. The replace command as written looks
      ok except that the T option is not applicable to a replace command that is a regex.

      See if it happens on NoteTab Standard or Light. As documented in the regex.chm file, Notetab Pro does do extra
      processing when the first character of a pattern used in a clip is a caret.

      Other than that, over the years I have occasionally had a clip library become corrupted somehow. Try copying the clips
      to another library and see if still recurs.

      If it only happens on your computer, it could also possibly be hardware related. I was not able to reproduce.


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