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21687Find Links to "Nonstandard" CSS files

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  • Ray Shapp
    Apr 1, 2011
      To All,

      I want to find all HTM or HTML files which contain links to any external
      style sheet(s) other than "plain_black.css" or "ccars.css". These two style
      sheets are "standard" in the sense that I adapted them from
      EasyImager<http://www.fookes.com/ezimager/albums.php>(another fine
      Fookes product). "ccars.css" is linked from within over 3,700
      of my web pages, and "plain_black.css" is linked from 98 of my pages. In
      some cases, both style sheets are used in the same web page.

      An earlier webmaster loaded several other style sheets onto the site. He
      also used alternate capitalization in some instances. I'm not sure whether
      he linked to any additional style sheets elsewhere on the server. I'd like
      to find all files that reference these other "nonstandard" style sheets.

      I am using a case-sensitive Regex in the file search tool (Ctrl+D) in NTP to
      examine all the *.html files in the folder on my PC which mirrors one of my
      websites. I rerun the Regex on the *.htm files.

      Multiple variations of the following Regex don't work as desired:

      ^((?!ccars\.css).*)$ ^((?!plain_black\.css).*)$

      I was hoping that the carat preceding each expression would match the .css
      string only if the string is not preceded by one of the standard names, and
      that a hit would occur only if both expressions found a match.

      Multiple variations of the following produced even less promising results:


      Please help me develop a Regex that will match all files that contain the
      string "*.css" other than "plain_black.css" and/or "ccars.css".

      I suspect the number of hits will be fairly low, however it might be useful
      to write the fully qualified file names into a new document. I definitely
      don't want Ctrl+D to open the documents it finds. IOW, when I run Ctrl+D
      manually, I use the "confirm" option.

      There are at least two issues here: how to write the Regex, and how to pipe
      the output from file search into a text file.

      Thank you for your help.

      Ray Shapp
      NTP 6.2/fv Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit

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