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21443RE: [Clip] Re: Bright green document tab

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  • John Shotsky
    Jan 18, 2011
      They don't know regular expressions, no. But they do know how to walk on and sit on keyboards. They love watching the

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      were the kittens trained or not??

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      > Too much! Helpful little buggers aren't they? Be glad your kittens didn't
      > park on the delete key!
      > Smiling from too much familiarity, Art
      > At 01/18/2011 09:01, you wrote:
      >>I just encountered a green tab, and I had no idea how it was triggered or
      >>why it was green. In fact, it was the 'Clip'
      >>tab, which is the tab that contains all my clips that are in edit mode. I
      >>discovered that whichever clip was active last
      >>was collecting copied items from regular documents! That is, I was getting
      >>unformatted text into my clip library because NT (or I) somehow got the
      >>clip library into garbage collection mode.
      >>I can only surmise that our teenage kittens may have walked on the
      >>keyboard while I was away from my computer, since
      >>Ctrl-Shift are together at one end of the keyboard, and P is at the other,
      >>just about the length of our kittens. :-)
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