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21437RE: [Clip] Re: Bright green document tab

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  • John Shotsky
    Jan 18, 2011
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      I just encountered a green tab, and I had no idea how it was triggered or why it was green. In fact, it was the 'Clip'
      tab, which is the tab that contains all my clips that are in edit mode. I discovered that whichever clip was active last
      was collecting copied items from regular documents! That is, I was getting unformatted text into my clip library because
      NT (or I) somehow got the clip library into garbage collection mode.

      I fixed it by deleting the extraneous text that I found from my clip library, then closing and reopening the clip
      library. But I have no idea how it got in Pasteboard mode. I found the function on the Documents menu, if it happens
      again. I'm glad it turns green, though, because next time I will know not to copy anything until I clear it. I'm still
      not sure how much extraneous text is somewhere in my clip library, only to show up when least expected.

      I don't think it should work on the active clip library, just as you can't run a clip on the active library. My clip
      library is over 800K, and bits and pieces of randomly copied text are most unwelcome! (Fortunately, the pasted bits are
      always at the bottom, so it's a matter of opening each clip and scrolling to the bottom to see what may have been

      I can only surmise that our teenage kittens may have walked on the keyboard while I was away from my computer, since
      Ctrl-Shift are together at one end of the keyboard, and P is at the other, just about the length of our kittens. :-)

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      In fact it is wonderful! I use it all the time to collect stuff. For
      those who have never used it, trigger a new or existing document as
      pasteboard. Go wherever you need to go and every time the clipboard
      changes it captures the content of the clipboard to the document -- one
      aside however, the clipboard must change so if you are copying a series
      of items some of which are duplicates back to back, it won't capture the
      back to back items because it is treated as the same content and thus no
      change to the clipboard.

      You can also change the delimiter between the pasteboard captured items.

      On 1/9/2011 11:20 AM, graham lawrence wrote:
      > Many thanks, I guess it was the Pasteboard feature. I've been using NoteTab for 12 years and never used it. All this
      time I've been Alt-tabbing Ctrl-veeing and Alt-tabbing and didn't need to. Really nice feature.
      > Graham Lawrence

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