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21391[Clip] Re: Problems with clip and deleting between text

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  • mikeyboy351
    Jan 4, 2011
      Don, Eb,
      I tried adding a delay of up to 20 just before the text was selected, after it was deleted and after the jump to the previous position at the start of the loop all to no avail. there was still clip text appearing in my loaded file and sometimes the text was not replaced. I even tried setting the debug option but with over 4000 lines of text it is not really an option. The files are 40M a piece and I have 4 of them to process.
      In the end I broke the 40M files into 3 (one for each month of takings) and retried and lo and behold even without the delay everything works fine. I am not sure why but I have solved the problem to some extent, the next thing to do is to automatically split the file... but that is for another day.
      The learning curve has been rather steep as this is my first foray into clip programming but I will persevere. Thanks for the help and suggestions.


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