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21379Re: [Clip] Re: Finding help for an optimal use of NoteTabPro

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  • Patrick Forkin
    Jan 3, 2011
      Hallo Eb!

      First the GOOD news.

      You have understood, or deduced from what I wrote, what it is that I want to do.

      The second piece of good news, is that my dictionary is a representation of all of the words I use on my desktop writing. There are three groups of words with the following list sizes.

      Communication words (conventional usage) = some 2.000 words.
      Topic, theme or search words = some 1.000 words.
      Words describing processes I perform = some 750 words.

      For the first eBook, I will probably use some 1.000 words. These words will for all their uses result in some 15 to 20.000 dictionary entries.

      The tagging for the usage has been created. The dictionary is in the process of being laboriously built.

      If I were to create a glossary of phrases rather than a dictionary of words, then a text of some 15.000 words would produce 1.000 sentences or 6.000 phrases.

      The clips concept would allow me to produce smaller glossaries based on phrase types.

      This route I will take for the first release.

      How to publish a HTML.exe based eBook with an added dictionary, I am still working around. If you have any ideas I would welcome them.

      Regards and a Happy New Year, Patrick.

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      > Von: "Eb" <ebbtidalflats@...>
      > An: ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com
      > Betreff: [Clip] Re: Finding help for an optimal use of NoteTabPro

      > Patrick,
      > First the GOOD news.
      > There is a "spell-checking" dictionary available, in English and/or
      > German. I've never tried two languages at the same time - don't know if it's
      > possible.
      > However, for translating text, you would theoretically have to build your
      > own dictionary. The basic method would be to create a library of "clips",
      > where each clip (NoteTab's name for macros) would be the word in one
      > language, and the content the translation. For example:
      > H="snack"
      > imbiss
      > Select the two lines, copy them to the clipboard, and in NoteTab open a
      > test library (or any of the built-in ones), make sure the clipbook is open
      > (toggle open and close with F4), and right-click in the clipbook, then select
      > "Add from clipboard".
      > Next, in the "Tools" menu, enable auto-replace (4th from top).
      > Finally in a test document, type the word "snack" (no quotes) and press
      > space.
      > Now the BAD NEWS:
      > A typical vocabulary is in the TENS of THOUSANDS. You would need a clip
      > for each word, in each direction. In addition you would need a technique for
      > grammar conversion, verb forms, plurals, etc. If I were you I would look at
      > NoteTab's ability to call external tools, then look for language
      > translation tools already on the market, and use NoteTab for the management of these
      > translations.
      > I would guess that German-English tools are more readily available in
      > Germany, than in English-language countries.
      > Good luck.
      > Eb
      > --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Patrick Forkin" <pm4kin@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hallo!
      > > I have today decided to buy the product and use it as a base to publish
      > a description of a model to translate texts I write in English into German.
      > > I decided on NTB, because I came to the conclusion, that it had better
      > function to support what I want to do than most other editors.
      > > Let me begin by listing what I need to be able to do.
      > > 1. Describe using outlines and publish in HTML.
      > > 2. Markup English text to describe sentence and phrase structures.
      > > 3. Resequence to German word order.
      > > 4. Add my own scheme of Tags and
      > > 5. Translate using my own dictionary.
      > > A later version will offer a comprehensive translation dictionary.
      > > My questions are:
      > > 1. How to add an own English to German translation dictionary?
      > > 2. How to add text files of examples as non-html pages?
      > > These are to allow a user to test the model and dictionary.
      > > Any help, good ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.
      > > Thanks and regards and all the best for the New Year.
      > >
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