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21376Re: Finding help for an optimal use of NoteTabPro

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  • Eb
    Jan 3, 2011

      First the GOOD news.

      There is a "spell-checking" dictionary available, in English and/or German. I've never tried two languages at the same time - don't know if it's possible.

      However, for translating text, you would theoretically have to build your own dictionary. The basic method would be to create a library of "clips", where each clip (NoteTab's name for macros) would be the word in one language, and the content the translation. For example:


      Select the two lines, copy them to the clipboard, and in NoteTab open a test library (or any of the built-in ones), make sure the clipbook is open (toggle open and close with F4), and right-click in the clipbook, then select "Add from clipboard".

      Next, in the "Tools" menu, enable auto-replace (4th from top).

      Finally in a test document, type the word "snack" (no quotes) and press space.

      Now the BAD NEWS:

      A typical vocabulary is in the TENS of THOUSANDS. You would need a clip for each word, in each direction. In addition you would need a technique for grammar conversion, verb forms, plurals, etc. If I were you I would look at NoteTab's ability to call external tools, then look for language translation tools already on the market, and use NoteTab for the management of these translations.

      I would guess that German-English tools are more readily available in Germany, than in English-language countries.

      Good luck.


      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Patrick Forkin" <pm4kin@...> wrote:
      > Hallo!
      > I have today decided to buy the product and use it as a base to publish a description of a model to translate texts I write in English into German.
      > I decided on NTB, because I came to the conclusion, that it had better function to support what I want to do than most other editors.
      > Let me begin by listing what I need to be able to do.
      > 1. Describe using outlines and publish in HTML.
      > 2. Markup English text to describe sentence and phrase structures.
      > 3. Resequence to German word order.
      > 4. Add my own scheme of Tags and
      > 5. Translate using my own dictionary.
      > A later version will offer a comprehensive translation dictionary.
      > My questions are:
      > 1. How to add an own English to German translation dictionary?
      > 2. How to add text files of examples as non-html pages?
      > These are to allow a user to test the model and dictionary.
      > Any help, good ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.
      > Thanks and regards and all the best for the New Year.
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