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2134[Clip] Re: randomize number

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  • Jody
    Dec 1, 1999
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      Hi Eb, Manuel, and Claes,

      > I'm not offended by someone modifying my code, especially if
      > they then compliment me on my original <grin>.

      You did a great job! <g> Really! I think I have it the way
      Manuel first requested it now with some options to make it not as
      Manuel specific. ;)

      I have the list the script picks from in an ini file now which is
      made after the Setup Clip is done. This is so a year down the
      road the used numbers, or should I say what is left is remembered
      - provided Windows doesn't eat your drive. ;->

      When the last number is used you are told to run setup again to
      build a new list. There is an option to add a wrapper start and
      end around the number. Manuel's [#nnn] is default and no wrapper
      can also be used which I suppose would be most used. Leading
      zeros are added to smaller numbers for even alignment (no option
      there >:-รพ~~~). I took about 12 seconds for me to generate an
      initial list of 6600 numbers. <vbs> There is a limit of 32kb in
      an ini file so once you get to that point you will get an error
      saying cannot write to RandNum.ini. There is an option to open
      that so you can easily delete it if you want.

      It may be viewed or copied at Snatch-A-Clip. It is all the way
      at the bottom unless you use the Quick Snatch. Make sure you
      read the first few lines if you go so you know what to do with
      the html popup.


      Have fun... Back to beta testing. :)

      Happy Clip'n!


      The NoteTab Clip List...
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