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21076Re: NTP Does Not Stay in Focus

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  • Sheri
    Oct 2, 2010
      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "nullclip" <nullclip@...> wrote:
      > I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature.
      > I wrote the following clip with the intent to open all URLs listed in an outline topic. (Is there a better way?) It only opens the first URL found.
      > ^!KeyboardDelay 100
      > ^!Jump TEXT_START
      > :Loop
      > ^!Find "http" TIOS
      > ^!IfError Terminate
      > ^!Keyboard F9 ENTER
      > ^!Jump SELECT_END
      > ^!Goto Loop
      > :Terminate
      > ^!Goto EXIT
      > The Keyboard F9 command does not work after focus is placed on the first URL opened in the browser window. I have a Windows 7 system.

      Might work if you added ^!Activateapp as the first command in your loop.

      > I tried replacing the Keyboard line with the following two lines.
      > ^!Menu Tools/Open Link
      > ^!Keyboard ENTER
      > The lines open all the links one at a time, but requires me to click the OK button in the Open Link dialog box for each URL. (The Keyboard ENTER command does not do that for me. Why?)

      Keyboard commands do not work on NoteTab's own dialogs because processing is suspended while the dialog is open.

      > Despite these two attempts, I have still not found a way to automatically open all URLs on a page.
      > Please help.

      See if this does what you want. Seems to work fine with Firefox.

      ^!SetArray %links%=^$GetDocMatchAll("https?://[^\x20\r\n<>]+";0)$
      ^!Set %i%=0
      ^!Inc %i%
      ^!If ^%i%>^%links0% done
      ^!Url [Firefox] ^%links^%i%%
      ^!Goto loop
      ^!SetArray %links%=""
      ^!ClearVariable %links%
      ^!ClearVariable %i%
      ;end of clip

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