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20928Re: [Clip] escaping a character in an array

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  • hsavage
    Aug 11, 2010
      Lee Underwood wrote:
      > I have the following clip and am trying to add the following item
      to the array, as one complete data item:
      > official website; BBC profile
      > The obvious problem is that it uses the semi-colon (";"), which is
      also used to separate the data items. I have tried using the
      backslash, e.g.,
      > official website\; BBC profile
      > but that didn't work. Any one have any ideas?
      > Lee
      > --- BEGIN CLIP ---
      > :Sources
      > ^!SetArray %Word%=advocacy website;AFP report;Al Jazeera report;AP
      report;BBC backgrounder;BBC profile;official website; BBC profile;BBC
      profiles;BBC report;CFR backgrounder;CFR backgrounders;GlobalSecurity
      backgrounder;Guardian backgrounder;Haaretz report;JURIST news
      archive;JURIST report;JURIST reports;materials;memorandum,
      PDF;official profile;opinion, PDF;press release;Reuters
      report;text;text, PDF;transcript
      > --- END CLIP ---


      Change the delimiter to to a Vertical bar or carriage return,
      anything that doesn't appear in the individual array elements.

      ^!SetListDelimiter |
      ^!SetArray %Word%=advocacy website|AFP report|Al Jazeera report|AP
      report|BBC backgrounder|BBC profile|official website; BBC profile|BBC
      profiles|BBC report|CFR backgrounder|CFR backgrounders|GlobalSecurity
      backgrounder|Guardian backgrounder|Haaretz report|JURIST news
      archive|JURIST report|JURIST reports|materials|memorandum,
      PDF|official profile|opinion, PDF|press release|Reuters
      report|text|text, PDF|transcript

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