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20926Measuring runtime in milliseconds

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  • flo.gehrke
    Aug 2, 2010
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      This refers to message #20925 and #20468 posted by diodeom. Since it's a special issue I've started a new thread.

      Measuring the runtime of a clip has often been discussed in this group. If I'm not mistaken we didn't see a solution for milliseconds so far. Today I've found a nice little tool called EineStoppUhr.EXE. It's freeware that you can download from...


      You can choose an English menu. Just save it anywhere on your disk -- no registration needed.

      Here is a clip that starts the stopwatch, runs a test clip for about 11 seconds, and automatically stops the stopwatch again:

      ; Start stopwatch wherever it's stored
      ^!Shell [Drive:]/[Directory]/EineStoppUhr.EXE
      ; Test clip
      ^!Set %String%=Long live NoteTab!
      ^!Set %Repeat%=0

      ^!Set %IndexLeft%=^$StrSize(^%String%)$
      ^!Set %IndexRight%=0

      ^!Set %Left%=^$StrCopyRight("^%String%";^%IndexLeft%)$
      ^!Set %Right%=^$StrCopy("^%String%";1;^%IndexRight%)$
      ^!StatusShow ^%Left% - ^%Right%
      ^!Delay 3
      ^!Dec %IndexLeft%
      ^!Inc %IndexRight%
      ^!If ^%IndexRight% <=^$StrSize(^%String%)$ Loop Else Next
      ^!Inc %Repeat%
      ^!If ^%Repeat%=2 Stop_watch
      ^!Goto Start

      ^!FocusApp EineStop*
      ^!Keyboard F5

      Hope you'll enjoy it!