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20909Re: [Clip] Re: Counting delimiters

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  • Don
    Jul 29 5:53 PM
      On 7/29/2010 4:45 PM, diodeom wrote:
      > Don<don@...> wrote:
      >> I may not be huge on returning things to before state, but if you are
      >> reading long lines, often wrap is actually beneficial -- and returning
      >> it to state is a healthy thing. It "does no harm" while running.
      >> I don't bother with clear at the end so much but I will often at the
      >> beginning (remember the bit we had a while ago discussing whether things
      >> actually went away in variables as they seemed to have an afterlife).
      >> Memory is not challenged usually by leaving some variables left around.
      > I mostly concur. And I have to clarify that by no means I'm advocating for the abandonment of good scripting practices; I just by now don't see great evil in leaving optional embellishments out<em>when posting code</em> and focusing on the vital stuff. I'm aware that these sometimes valid and useful trinkets are not necessarily evident to every reader -- even though I feel like they were repetitively beaten with a shovel into my poor head by the Clip Police. :) I'd nearly equate them with (fortunately absent) redundancy of restating common precautions and disclaimers with each and every published snippet. Worse yet, I've been somehow conditioned to be overly skeptical, and when<em>in certain contexts</em> I encounter reminders of the obvious, I'm slow to appreciate them as entirely genuine contributions. My demons solely, hopefully.
      > Yes, I do remember Jan 27th rather well -- one of my first postings. I misjudged your observation and jumped to a conclusion without testing. Aside from the plain takeaway (test, Dio, test!) and the commitment to revisit the issue of persistence& pecking order of once-set variables (once I get my feathers, as I have no programming background), I gratefully recall your gracious attitude in spite of my folly.

      Good point. Adding these types of embellishments can actually detract
      when solving a problem -- but late in the rendition they are helpful to
      make a robust/solid clip.

      I do some clips on a contract basis from time to time (come to think of
      it I owe someone one -- who are you -- bug me :-) ) and those I try to
      polish with these embellishments, but if you are trying to explain the
      concept/solution, on the list, they can actually be distracting or

      lol that you either remember or took the time to look up the date -- it
      was a healthy debate. Everybody contributes and it's a great community
      and I even bottom posted twice in a row ...
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