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20895Re: Counting delimiters

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  • flo.gehrke
    Jul 28, 2010
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      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "diodeom" <diomir@...> wrote:
      > Here's a take on it (broken into multiple lines for clarity):
      > ^!SetWordWrap 0
      > ^!Select BoL
      > ^!Set %Col%=^$GetDocListAll("\t";"1")$
      > ^!Set %Col%=^$StrSize(^%Col%)$
      > ^!Set %Col%=^$Calc(^%Col%+1)$
      > ^!Find "^$GetField(-1;^%Col)$" HST
      > ^!Info Data field: ^$GetRow$:^%Col


      Nice idea! But I think you could make that simpler:

      ^!Select BoL
      ^!Set %Col%=^$Calc(^$StrCount(^%Tab%;^$GetSelection$;0;0)$+1)$
      ^!Info This is field ^%Col% of row ^$GetRow$

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