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206[Clip] Re: Easy Hyperlink Forward & Back

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  • Wayne VanWeerthuizen
    Apr 1, 1999
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      Kay Roath <notetab@...> wrote:

      >If you use this clip to go to a hyperlink, the same clip
      >will take you back as long as your cursor isn't on a new

      This minor improvement allows you to backup multiple steps.

      ; requires 4.60 GrandmaK, WayneMV
      ^!Select HYPERLINK
      ^!IfError Back
      ; long line - watch for word wrap
      ^!SetArray %bk%=^$GetDocIndex$;^$GetTopicIndex$;^$GetRow$;^$GetCol$
      ; end long line
      ^!Inc %p_StackSize%
      ^!Set %Stack^%p_StackSize%%=^%bk%
      ^!Toolbar Open Document Link
      ^!Goto Done

      ^!If ^%p_StackSize% < 1 Done
      ^!SetArray %bk%="^%Stack^%p_StackSize%%"
      ^!ClearVariable %Stack^%p_StackSize%%
      ^!Dec %p_StackSize%

      ^!SetDocIndex ^%bk1%
      ^!SetTopicIndex ^%bk2%
      ^!SetCursor ^%bk3%:^%bk4%


      Known Issues:

      1. Going forward a lot, without going back, could create
      a lot of variables and waste memory.

      2. You have to move the cursor away from the link to
      backup multiple steps. This could be solved by
      making the "Back" portion its own clip.

      3. Doesn't have a "Forward" button - but one could
      easily be added.

      4. Only works if links are navigated by using the
      clip. Ctrl-clicking a link doesn't remember it.

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