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20592Re: [Clip] Re: Clipboard boilerplate for cn_le

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  • loro
    Apr 20, 2010
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      diodeom wrote:
      >loro <tabbie@...> wrote:
      > > Yeah, no doubt regex is shorter, apart from the time it takes
      > > to learn it. I procrastinate.
      ><rant>You would not believe, Lotta, how totally with you I am on
      >procrastination as a general principle :), yet still I'm obliged to comment:
      >Wow{3,}, what a blasphemous and discouraging statement from such an
      >exemplary, appreciated and committed tabbie! :) Have you given any
      >consideration to how devastating your words might be to
      >impressionable minds of newbies like myself? I mean, really, have
      >you? It's almost like saying that computers could be somewhat useful
      >if it weren't so problematic to locate the right keys on a keyboard,
      >you know, when needed. :)

      Oh phooey! :-P
      I'm sure you are a more experienced scripter than I am. I'll always
      be a klutz. I didn't mean what I said the way you took it, I think.
      There are several reasons for my procrastination. The biggest
      probably being that I don't need that advanced find operations very
      often. Without doubt the learning curve is steep and if you don't
      practice your skills you forget and have to start over again and
      again. If I had use for regex on a daily or even weekly or monthly
      basis, I would be on it like yesterday. As it is now, learning regex
      would mostly be a waste of time, because I wouldn't use it often
      enough to remember what I learnt for very long. I also find it
      extremely hard to read strings of squiggly characters. When I have to
      try to unwind one of those things I have sit with my finger on the
      screen or I'd miss half of it. So, since Notetab offers simpler ways
      to get things done I stick with those. Even if it sometimes gets
      convoluted and results in longwinded clips, that's most often enough
      for my humble needs.

      > > What does the J switch do though? I don't see it in Help.
      >It's under ^!Open "FileName" [/R] [/J=nnn] in Document Management section:

      An excellent example of how dumb I am. I looked under ^$GetLibraryFileName$.

      > > Yesterday I realized that my OnClipBoardChange clip sometimes
      > > screws up when the copied text contains quotes (but only
      > > sometimes)
      >Please do share if you find out more. I'm still somewhat timid when
      >it comes to playing with an active library, but your (new to me)
      >idea has opened some very interesting possibilities, as I was able
      >to put it into some immediate "useful use" with no unresolvable
      >glitches so far.

      Will do. I haven't been able to reproduce it with other quotes, so I
      now think there was something else that caused it. When it screwed up
      I copied a blog post, with heading, date stamp and so on. I'll go
      back there and try to make it happen again. There's probably some
      other character that needs to be replaced, maybe Unicode one.

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