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20591[Clip] Re: Clipboard boilerplate for cn_le

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  • diodeom
    Apr 20, 2010
      loro <tabbie@...> wrote:
      > Yeah, no doubt regex is shorter, apart from the time it takes
      > to learn it. I procrastinate.


      <rant>You would not believe, Lotta, how totally with you I am on procrastination as a general principle :), yet still I'm obliged to comment:

      Wow{3,}, what a blasphemous and discouraging statement from such an exemplary, appreciated and committed tabbie! :) Have you given any consideration to how devastating your words might be to impressionable minds of newbies like myself? I mean, really, have you? It's almost like saying that computers could be somewhat useful if it weren't so problematic to locate the right keys on a keyboard, you know, when needed. :)

      To me, once I succeed in keying in some cryptic characters that just somehow seem to pinpoint what I'm after (I'd readily confess here that, at least from my perspective, it's much more fun to write this crap than to read it :), I get to sit back, embrace my natural laziness, and leave sweating to the eager Eric's brainchild (as awful as it might sound out of context) and all the other great brainchildren of others it climbed upon. I consider PCRE as one of NoteTab's most prominent, desirable features, which permits all sorts of folks, myself included, no matter how little adept in scripting, to gradually and conveniently utilize many blessings of the text-processing automation on an as-needed basis, without (or prior to) having to (often needlessly) dive into any fully-pledged and potentially head-scratching programming in Perl or its competitors -- for most (not necessarily trivial) textual manipulation tasks at hand.

      It doesn't go without saying that in regard to my cherished-by-now regex I am, like probably many other grateful recent abusers of this forum, seriously indebted to some persistent silverwoman -- for her clearly outlined examples and repetitively cited sources of easily comprehensible regex wisdom.</rant>

      > What does the J switch do though? I don't see it in Help.

      It's under ^!Open "FileName" [/R] [/J=nnn] in Document Management section:

      "(...) the /J= switch can be used to place the cursor at a specific line number when it is opened. If /J=-1, the cursor will be placed at the beginning of the last line."

      After utilizing this, I thought there was no reason to advance the cursor to the end of the line/paragraph, because your clip-making clip assures newline at the very end anyway.

      > OK. I think Notetab converts to uppercase H even if you type/
      > enter lowercase h. It's a little mysterious, because it
      > doesn't happen right away and restarting Notetab doesn't make
      > it happen either. Yet all my clipboard snips from yesterday
      > now use uppercase H but the new ones use lower case. Go
      > figure. I'll change my clip to use uppercase.

      You see, I've stumbled upon the same issues you're describing when attempting to remove some freshly made clippings, so I opted for explicit prior capitalization, though there are obvious alternatives (e.g. making the search case-insensitive).

      > Yesterday I realized that my OnClipBoardChange clip sometimes
      > screws up when the copied text contains quotes (but only
      > sometimes) and you end up with a broken heading like so
      > H="heading
      > "
      > which messes up the following snips. A little odd. Maybe it
      > was something else than quotes that made it happened even if
      > I blamed the quotes at the time. Haven't looked into it yet.
      > Lotta

      Please do share if you find out more. I'm still somewhat timid when it comes to playing with an active library, but your (new to me) idea has opened some very interesting possibilities, as I was able to put it into some immediate "useful use" with no unresolvable glitches so far.

      Thank you.
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