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20590Re: [Clip] Re: Clipboard boilerplate for cn_le

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  • loro
    Apr 20, 2010
      diodeom wrote:
      >Here's yet another approach to agglomerate all processed clippings:

      Yeah, no doubt regex is shorter, apart from the time it takes to
      learn it. I procrastinate.

      >But for my needs, to selectively remove from the library either
      >already distributed clips or any junk ones, I found this
      >(working-for-me rough draft) more practical:
      >H="Remove selected clips"
      >^!Open "^$GetLibraryFileName$" /J=-1

      Neat! Thank you. What does the J switch do though? I don't see it in Help.

      >A word of caution: the patterns here look for capitalized "H" for
      >headers, not lowercase like in your original OnClipboardChange clip.

      OK. I think Notetab converts to uppercase H even if you type/enter
      lowercase h. It's a little mysterious, because it doesn't happen
      right away and restarting Notetab doesn't make it happen either. Yet
      all my clipboard snips from yesterday now use uppercase H but the new
      ones use lower case. Go figure. I'll change my clip to use uppercase.

      >And I omitted provisions for headers not being unique. I'd opt for
      >not permitting duplicate names right when clippings are created and
      >processed (in my case quite extensively). Also, some executable clip
      >code in headers can mess things up (I'm speaking from regretable
      >experience :) -- unless similarly addressed beforehand.

      Yesterday I realized that my OnClipBoardChange clip sometimes screws
      up when the copied text contains quotes (but only sometimes) and you
      end up with a broken heading like so
      which messes up the following snips. A little odd. Maybe it was
      something else than quotes that made it happened even if I blamed the
      quotes at the time. Haven't looked into it yet.

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