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20580[Clip] Re: Clipboard boilerplate for cn_le

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  • diodeom
    Apr 19, 2010
      loro <tabbie@...> wrote:
      > Nice if you can find use for the clip. It's set up to my own
      > liking, so you may want to change some things. The clip titles
      > for the saved snips are shortened to 50 characters and line
      > breaks are replaced with a space character (in the title only).
      > The latter or something similar is sort of needed or the titles
      > could become very short. Maybe it would be a good idea to
      > replace tabs too.
      > Lotta

      I see by now that for me to call your concept "handy" was a terrible understatement. I'm at the point of asking myself: why would I still want to employ another app for the majority of my manual text capturing tasks, when in your brilliantly simple "organizing clip/pasteboard" copied snippets become conveniently identifiable, paste-able, free of any formatting gunk and, most importantly, directly scriptable -- all right in my favorite text processor?
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