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20546Re: Memory Recall Help

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  • Sheri
    Apr 8 9:01 PM
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      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "bozlawless" <bozlawless@...> wrote:
      > IS it possible to store the answer of a math problem then recall it later in the same clip ?
      > EXAMPLE
      > ^$CALC((^?[A=]+^?[B=]);4)$ say it =C store "C" and use it in spot
      > ^$CALC((^?[C=]+^?[D=]);4)$ ECT
      > Just like on a calculator and use it in the same clip at another spot
      > Memory recall Help

      You can store C as a variable, %C%
      To retrieve the result in it, put a caret in front of it, ^%C%

      ^!Set %C%=^$CALC((^?[A=]+^?[B=]);4)$
      ^!Set %E%=^$CALC((^%C%+^?[D=]);4)$
      ^!Info E=^%E%
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